Lip Lift, New Jersey

The vertical length of the upper lip is an important element of the facial beauty. If one looks at photos of stunning models in the magazines, most of them have something in common an that is a relatively short upper lip. A shorter upper lip will allow the upper incisor teeth to show when the mouth is slightly open. There is no question that with age the upper lip lengthens and covers the upper incisors, instead the lower teeth become visible. This is one of those changes that happens in the aging face. Shortening the upper lip  or lip lift contributes to the beautification of the face and introduces an important element of youth. The scars are well hidden below the nostrils and the alar base. They usually heal well and are almost invisible. Dr Rafizadeh will suggest this procedure when he feels that it is indicated. This procedure is a routine part of his aesthetic facial practice in New Jersey. The patient below had her upper lip shortened from 2.2 cm to 1.5 cm. in addition she had Juvederm Ultr-Plus to the nasolabial folds.


Before and after upper lip shortening (lift) by Dr Rafizadeh in New Jersey.