Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This well-known saying means that beauty is subjective and depends on people’s individual taste. In plastic surgery, we do attempt to introduce some objective elements and guidelines. The golden ratio has been used as one of these guidelines and applies to many facial features.  In the picture below, the part (B) is the before picture of a patient of mine on whom I performed a lip lift. The part (A) shows the same patient after her lip lift. The ratio between the nose to lip distance to the lip to chin distance was about 1/1.6 which is the golden ratio, but she didn’t like it and saw me for a lip lift. She was subsequently very happy with her results as shown on section (A) this ratio was 1/2.3. I believe a ratio between 1.2 to 1/3 looks better. This is what I recommend  for my lip lifts in Morristown, New Jersey. I recently ran a survey on my Instagram page, @BetterPlasticSurgery. I only obtained 21 responses, 17 chose (A) and 4 Chose (B).  If you want to participate in this ongoing survey, please go on Instagram, go to BetterPlasticSurgery and leave a comment choosing (A or B). I would love to know what you think.

Before (B) and after (A) picture of a lip lift patient of mine.

Before and after picture of a lip lift patient of mine. Showing the change of lip to chin ration after her surgery.