​Recently a patient with slight breast asymmetry and true drooping on the left asked if they were a candidate for a Benelli lift. This is the answer: Let us do a quick analysis of your situation based on three photos. On your right side, you have a pseudo ptosis as your nipple seems to be at or above your infra mammary fold. On the left, you have true ptosis. With the nipple below the fold. Both areole are large, but the left is larger. Therefore you would need a stronger lift on the left. The advantage of the vertical scar is that it allows the surgeon to control the areola size, because part of the perimeter of the areola is removed with the vertical excision. Ideally you could have a peri areolar lift on the right and a vertical lift on the left. This would allow correction of your present differences as maintaining or creating better symmetry is very important in breast plastic surgery. If you are absolutely opposed to a vertical scar, a bilateral peri areolar lift can be done with small implants for volume, placed in a sub glandular or dual plane fashion, but your areola may spread more on the left side in the long run. The peri areolar lift require a permanent Gore tex stitch to control the areola size. I have seen problems with this stitch as it can get infected and would have to be removed or in some cases it can be felt as a ring at the border of the areola. I hope you could understand the technical discussions here. Also be aware that the right and left could be reversed depending on if the picture was taken in a mirror or directly.