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Meet Dr. Farhad Rafizadeh

New Jersey Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Farhad Rafizadeh, specializes in delivering world-class results. With over 30 years of experience in the field of Plastic Surgery and a background in art, Dr. Rafizadeh knows what it takes to achieve that natural look. His unique approach to Plastic Surgery involves the principles of proportion, harmony and balance. In addition, his practice delivers a superior level of comfort and personalized care from the moment you step in for your first plastic surgery consultation. Farhad Rafizadeh, MD FACS is a top NJ Plastic Surgeon who believes in doing whatever is necessary to safely achieve outstanding plastic surgery results. With his medical education in Switzerland, he brings skill, precision and academic excellence to his work. As an innovator in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Rafizadeh always aims at recommending the least invasive plastic surgery procedure to achieve the desired outcome. In addition, his credentials and awards, including the exclusive Patient’s Choice Award, make him one of New Jersey’s most desired surgeons to visit. Experience the difference in plastic surgery with Dr. Rafizadeh in Morristown, New Jersey.



Breast surgery is Dr. Rafizadeh’s passion. Whether you are seeking breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast reconstruction or a breast lift, Dr. Rafizadeh has performed thousands of procedures and can help you achieve your goals. His expertise and precision brings the natural look desired by many women. Being that breast augmentation in New Jersey is the second most popular plastic surgery procedure performed today, Dr. Rafizadeh actively contributes to and adapts the best techniques. He has one of the most prominent backgrounds in New Jersey in autologous breast reconstruction. In addition, he is also a pioneer in the adoption of the acellular dermal matrix (ADM) in his implant breast reconstructions.
Body contouring procedures are the most demanding in terms of precision and experience. This is where many plastic surgery patients fail to select the right doctor. While many doctors perform liposuction in New Jersey, only a select few like Dr. Rafizadeh combine several techniques including Fat Grafting (liposculpture) to achieve the ultimate in body sculpting. Dr. Rafizadeh’s methods combine the use of fat to enhance facial features, breasts or buttocks. Here again, his artistic sensibility and experience guides him to achieve exceptional plastic surgery results in New Jersey. In addition, Dr. Rafizadeh also offers Mommy Makeovers for mother’s looking to regain their confidence and reverse the effects of childbearing. Primarily, this consists of Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) but may involve a breast procedure as well.
The face is another area in which Dr. Rafizadeh specializes. He understands how crucial this area is to each man or woman and carefully sets up a strategy to provide the best facial procedure. Whether you are looking for a Facelift (Facial Rejuvenation), Eyelid Surgery, Brow Lift (Endoscopic) or Rhinoplasty, Dr. Rafizadeh offers the necessary skill and experience. Thousands of happy (and confident) patients keep coming back, referring friends and relatives. Dr. Rafizadeh’s reputation for facial procedures is world-class. He has years of experience with procedures like the Lip Lift that produces a shorter upper lip. He considers the well formed and proportionate upper lip, showing some upper incisor teeth to be one of the most important element of facial beauty. Remember, your face is your identity and selecting the right plastic surgeon is key to achieving great results.
Injections are a routine office procedure, best done by a plastic surgeon who is familiar with the anatomy of the face. While many doctors offer these injections, only a select few have the qualifications and training required to perform them effectively. Dr. Rafizadeh not only has the experience and training necessary, but also carefully informs patients about the difference between various neuromodulators and fillers. Neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport eliminate muscle function in a specific area to remove wrinkles. Fillers on the other hand, add volume to the face, fill depressions or wrinkles, or create and enhance facial features like the cheekbones and chin. Choosing the right plastic surgeon with experience and adequate training is once again crucial even in the simplest “routine” procedures. In addition to injection procedures, Dr. Rafizadeh’s practice also provides Skin Care treatments and advice for those seeking a facial rejuvenation.

Board certified in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery, Dr. Rafizadeh has been in practice of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Morristown, New Jersey since 1984. He has been recognized year after year by multiple publications as a “Top Doctor”and “Top Surgeon” in the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan areas. In 2010 he was the recepient of the exclusive Patient Choice Award and the Compassionate Doctor Award. A more complete listing of Dr. Rafizadeh’s honors can be seen on the Media page.

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