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Breast Reduction NJ

Breast reduction also called reduction mammoplasty is a variation of mastopexy, when breast tissue is removed. The same patterns can be used as in mastopexy. Most often, we use the vertical or the inverted T pattern or anchor pattern. In large breasted individuals, several pounds could be removed from each breast. The nipple areola is raised to a higher position carried by a pedicle of tissue giving it the blood and the nerve supply. The scars would vary in length depending on how large the breasts are. The larger and more saggy the breasts are the longer the scars need to be to achieve optimal shape.

Dr.Rafizadeh use a big variety of breast reduction techniques in Morristown N.J. dependind on the specific needs of the patient.

Patient with large breasts usually have problems with their back and shoulders. In these cases, the insurance may cover the cost of the operation because it is considered to be functional rather than cosmetic. During a breast reduction, one has to move the nipple to a new position, which can lessen the nipple sensation.

Breast Reduction Surgery and Recovery

All of these breast operations can be done as an outpatient procedure. There normally is a drain inserted that comes out the next day in the office. There are tapes covering all the incisions and all sutures are sThe post operative discomfort is easily managed by pain pills. Make sure you get your prescription filled before the surgery so that you don’t have to stop at the pharmacy on your way home. At home you need to keep your back slightly elevated and minimize arm motion. You also need to make sure that someone stays with you the first night after the surgery.

Side Effects of Breast Reduction

The scars are the main side effect of any breast reduction procedure.  Dr. Rafizadeh has the biggest experience in breast surgery and knows to to keep the scars the shortest possible and still achieve the best breast shape. There could also be some reduction in nipple sensation especially if the nipples have to be moved a long distance from the original position.


Postoperative bleeding, even though rare, is the most common short term complication. A suction drain is usually used and removed the day after surgery. Infection is extremely rare. There are other complications reported that Dr Rafizadeh has never experience such as nipple loss and fat necrosis. Hypertrophic scars or keloids are very rare, but can happen in certain type of population. Usually the patient would give the history of this type of scarring and they can be made aware of before surgery. These type of scar can be treated with a special steroid injection. Even if a patient gets bad scars, they never regret having had a breast reduction as this operation produces the happiest patients.

Breast Reduction Surgeons

Breast reduction is a common plastic surgery operation that is exclusively performed by board certified plastic surgeons.  Not all plastic surgeons have the same experience in breast surgery. Therefore the results can vary depending who performs the procedure. Make sure that the plastic surgeon whom you choose to perform your procedures has a large experience in this procedure so that you obtain the best results and minimize complications.

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