Dr. Rafizadeh uses multipple breast reduction techniques in Morristown N.J.

Morristown Breast reduction Before Morristown breast reduction after

There are essentially 5 different ways to reduce a breasts depending on the size, composition of the breast tissue, and how much of an uplift is desired by the patient. First there is a scarless reduction that works with breasts that are more fatty than glandular. This is essentially liposuction of the breast. With this technique there is considerable reduction and some shrinkage of skin, but less or no correction of the sagging breasts. All the other technique will result in more and less scarring. Reducing skin excess will help lift the breast and correct droopiness. There is a peri-areolar method that may work on smaller breast that aren’t too saggy. In this method the scar is only around the areola. The vertical or lollipop incision will have scars around the areola and a vertical scar going from the areola to the fold under the breast. This will create an uplift, narrowing the breast and increasing the nipple projection, but the breast may still look bottom heavy. The best control of size and shape is achieved with the inverted T scar . In this technique there are scars around the areola, the vertical scar to the fold and a horizontal scar in the fold under the breast. In this method the excess skin is removed in vertical and horizontal dimensions of the breast which helps control the shape. There is even a method which only gives a scar around the areola and one in the fold under the breasts with no vertical scar. This method is applicable in cases where the skin above the areola can easily reach the fold. Therefore it would only work in larger and more droopy breasts. These methods all have their pluses and minuses. This is why it is important to consult a very experienced plastic surgeon who is familiar with all these techniques and could help you chose the one that works best for you. Breast reduction in Morristown N.J. done by Dr. Rafizadeh has reached a state of near perfection hardly matched anywhere else.