The effort to make a scar shorter is part of every surgical decision
that I make. I try to make the shortest scars in my facelifts, breast
reductions, breast lifts and tummy tucks. In a TT we are
challenged by the dog ears. The challenge is, how short one can
make the scar and still avoid a dog ear. If the scar is too short the
ends can be loose and produce a raised loose area that is called
a dog ear. In many cases the loose skin extends to the sides and
needs to be removed for the best outcome. After a careful
examination of you belly, both in standing and sitting position the
location and the length of the scar will be discussed with you and
you will make a decision about where and how long the scar
should be. The quality and appearance of the scar will greatly
depend on the patient healing ability. Some people heal so well
that the scar is hardly visible, others can form what we call a
hypertrophic scar which is red and raised. Between these two
extremes any think is possible. I use every effort to improve the
scars. The most important is to avoid tension on the skin by
repairing the deep layers carefully and perfectly approximating the
skin edges.