We are proud to introduce the latest in breast implant technology to our practice in Morristown New Jersey, the Ideal Implant. The Ideal Implant is a saline implant with multiple concentric shells with small holes allowing slow passage of the saline between the layers thus creating the feel of a viscous fluid. This gives this saline implant the feel of a gel implant without containing any silicone gel. We all know the silicone gel implants are the most popular because of the natural feel they give to the breast. The ideal implant offers the safety of a saline implant and the feel of the gel combining the advantages of both implants. The problem with silicone gel implant is that the implant rupture is silent and unknown. Both the FDA and the manufacturers recommend doing an MRI every couple of years to rule out a rupture. The saline implant will simply deflate when the outside shell fails and the patients immediately come for the replacement. Clinical studies have shown the Ideal implants to cause less capsular contraction and less leakage. Dr. Rafizadeh is always searching for a more effective and the safest technology for his patients. This is why he has decided to be the first to offer the Ideal Implant in Morristown New jersey.

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