Dr. Farhad Rafizadeh in Morristown 2023

A brief overview of the practice and purpose of the website: I have reached a stage in my practice that allows me to do what I do best and give my patients unparalleled results. The purpose of this website is to inform my patients. I do realize that I have to spend more time on this website as we do not use developers and marketing agents.

Office hours: I hold office hours two days a week on Mondays and Thursdays, from 9 to 5. On these days, I offer consultations with patients who come in to schedule surgery or receive office treatments. We also see patients in follow-up after the surgery. The office hours are not strictly adhered to, as I may see patients on other days including weekends if they need to be seen after surgery or for suture removal. For example, if stitches need to be removed in 5 days and that falls on a Saturday, my nurse and I will make a special trip to the office to do it and not wait until Monday. As usual, the patients and their care are the primary focus of my practice. I firmly believe in administering all injections myself to ensure the best possible results and utmost safety for my patients. I am using Dysport as our neuromodulator, as well as the Restylane family of fillers for facial contouring. I have found Restylane to be the best filler on the market, as it offers a variety of Hyaluronic acid fillers for different areas of the face. For example, Restylane Lyft and Contour are great for volumizing the face and enhancing the cheeks, chin, jawline, and temples. While Restylane Kyss is perfect for lips and lines around the mouth, allowing us to sculpt these areas creatively. Lastly, the traditional Restylane is ideal for under the eyes and lips.

Treatments offered: Today I still offer most cosmetic surgery procedures on breasts, abdomen, and arms, but my practice is increasingly focusing on the face.

Surgery: The majority of my surgery is performed at the Ambulatory surgery center next door to our office. We also do smaller procedures such as lip lifts in the office. Most facial plastic surgery is performed under local anesthesia and moderate sedation with a monitoring nurse. The use of an anesthesiologist is an option for patients who desire heavier sedation. Surgeries are scheduled well in advance, typically on the three other days of the week.

Personal Activities: After thirty-eight years of practice as a plastic surgeon, I still enjoy my surgery and my patients more than anything else that I could do. This is why I continue to work. In order to remain in practice for as long as possible as my patients beg me to do, I try to stay in shape, eat well, and exercise. I engage in fun activities like tennis, paddle, ping pong, walking, and hiking. I also play backgammon competitively and try to get better at the game. Backgammon at a higher level is like chess. Painting is another one of my hobbies. These days, I mostly paint on my iPad using the Procreate App. This takes less time to set up and clean up.