The picture of Rene Zellweger in the Elle magazine’s Women in Hollywood awards has caused a lot of speculation about the actress’s changed appearance and what procedures could have caused these changes. Some say that the actress looks totally different. I feel that it is difficult to come to a definite conclusion from this picture, because she is smiling. One of the characteristics of her face is the full upper lids and higher lateral eyebrows. In this picture her smile causes some crows feet. Is it possible that she simply missed a Botox appointment? Natural active wrinkle are rarely seen in Hollywood these days, so when they appear in someone’s face people say they look totally different and try to speculate on what kind of plastic surgery could have caused all the changes. Could it be that this is the true and real Rene Zellweger? The other possibility is that she could have gained a little weight as her face looks fuller. She definitely looks more natural to me. It is definitely possible that the actress had few minor plastic surgery procedures like upper blepharoplasty, fillers or fat grafting to the face but it would be unlikely, if she hasn’t even gone fort Botox .

Rene Zellweger