Hand Rejuvenation Morristown

Hand Rejuvenation in Morristown is offered at our practice as a quick office procedure by Dr. Farhad Rafizadeh. Much effort is spent rejuvenating the face, but the hands are often neglected and give away the age of the individual. As we get older the skin from the dorsum of the hands thins out and becomes more transparent. There are muscles between the bones of the hand that get smaller with age. With loss of soft tissue and the increase transparency of the skin, the hands become more skeletonized. The veins, tendons and bones become more visible. The skin itself becomes wrinkled. All these changes make the hands look older.


Before and after Radiesse injection to the dorsum of the hands

Injection of filler in particular Radiesse is a good way to reverse some of these changes and rejuvenate the hand. Dr. Rafizadeh uses a thinner preparation of Radiesse and injects the product evenly in the hand using a blunt micro cannula to avoid bruising and discomfort. This makes a major difference as the hands look rejuvenated.