The breast implants come in different shapes, are made by different manufacturers and they have different surface characteristics, but they all have something in common. They all have a silicone rubber shell that is filled either with saline or silicone gel. The old implants had a silicone gel that was more liquid and in case of implant rupture this gel would come out of the shell and in some cases out of the capsule that the body forms around the implant. The new gel is thicker and more cohesive. It keeps its shape and stays within the implant shell even if the shell is ruptured. The content can also be thicker and rubbery. These implants are called form stable or gummy bear. These implants keep their shape, therefore when the patient lays down the breast shape doesn’t change. For this reason the breast is less natural in appearance. I had a patient who had one of these implants inserted overseas and she didn’t like the fact that her breast shape stayed the same even when she laid flat. I had to remove the implant and give her a smooth silicone to make her happy. All these shaped or so called anatomic implants have to have a textured surface so that the implant adheres to the tissue and doesn’t turn. The textured surface is necessary in some cases when it is important that the implant doesn’t move at all, but there are many issues with the textured implants. As you can see, it is not easy to answer the question “What is the best implant?”. This is why you need to see an expert in breast surgery. Someone who has worked with all the implants in all patient anatomic types and picks the best implant for you. Having said all of this, if you ask me the question the following way: Doctor if you could have only one implant to work with and no other choices which one would you choose? My answer would be a smooth surface, round silicone gel implant. This by far is the most versatile implant and is one that is used most commonly by most plastic surgeons. These implants also come in different profiles. This means that for the same base diameter, the implant can have different projections. A patient who has a narrow chest and a narrow breast who wants a more significant breast volume would benefit from a higher profile implant. The judgment necessary to choose the right implant for the patient is probably the most important factor for obtaining the best results. It takes a lot of experience to make that determination, otherwise the surgery itself is relatively simple. The patient who goes on the internet and decides what implant she wants before seeing the plastic surgeon is probably doing her self a disservice.

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