Tummy tuck recovery frequent questions in Morristown New Jersey. Abdominoplasty Recovery.

Tummy tuck recovery is one of the things that the patients are most concerned with. Here is some of the questions that come up frequently when patients are considering an abdominoplasty and liposuction body contouring in Morristown New Jersey.

Q: Does tummy tucks always include muscle repair?
A: Almost all TTs include muscle repair unless there is a medical reason not to do it.

Q: Can I meet or talk to the anesthesiologist before my surgery?
A: You may call the anesthesia office or the anesthesia group to arrange for a phone interview. The number can be obtained from our office.

Q: How long will the recovery be? Time off from work?
A: You will be getting up and moving around after the surgery with your knees and hips flexed at 30 degrees. You should be able to walk straight in less than a week. The return to work will depend on what you are asked to do. You could return to a desk job between a week to two weeks. If you are required to do lifting or other physical activities, you would need 4 to 6 weeks. Most people decide when they can go back to work based of what they do at work and their speed of recovery that can be variable.

Q: Will I require drains? If so how many and for what number of days?
A: Two draines are ususally required for an abdominoplasty.
You will be shown how to measure the drainage daily and report to the surgeon the amounts. The time of drain removal depends on the drainage amounts, but in the majorfity of cases the drains are removed in less than 5 days.

Q: Will the liposuction to the flanks be done prior or after the TT procedures?
A: Liposuction is done prior to the TT, but some refinement could be done after completting the TT.

Q: Will I receive Antibiotics before & after?
A: You will receive a preoperative antibiotic prophylaxis and a few doses for the next 24 hours.

Q: Will I get DVT prophylaxis?
A: Heparin will be used by subcut. Injection before surgery and after surgery while in the hospital. We will also use compression boots during the operation and during the first night after surgery. You will be encouraged to get out of bed and walk frequently. All these Treatments are designed to prevent DVT.

Q: Can I have it done at Morristown hospital and stay over night?
A: You have the choice of having your surgery at Morristown or other hospitals where Dr. Rafizadeh Has privileges. You also have the choice of staying over night at the hospital.

Q: Will I receive Exparel for postop pain? I have read it last for 48-72 hours postoperatively.
A: You have the option of receiving Exparel for minimizing post operative pain.