Candidate for Lip Lift  Morristown New Jersey

Dr. Farhad Rafizadeh  is a well recognized expert on  lip lift procedure  in Morristown New Jersey.  He has been doing it for many years on selected face lift patients who desired the ultimate on balance and harmony of the face. In fact a face lift procedure is not complete until all aspects of the facial balance are carefully considered and if necessary corrected. Today we get many questions coming to us via the internet about who is a great candidate for a lip lift procedure in Morristown New Jersey.

For example here is a question that was asked recently by a patient:

The patient mentioned that her teeth show very little when she smiles, and unless she force’s a really big fake smile she has a hard time showing her beautiful teeth. She also can not show any teeth when she opens her mouth without smiling. She asked what is the best way for her to show her nice teeth and should she get jaw surgery or a lip lift?

Here is Dr Rafizadeh’s answer: “I can do a lip lift procedure in my Morristown New Jersey  office under local anesthetic and in under an hour with very little down time.  This gives a much better result aesthetically, because it shortens the upper lip and allows better visualization of the incisor teeth. Jaw surgery is a lot more complicated and does not accomplish exactly the same result. We have to realize that the ideal vertical length of the lip as measured in the midline between the base of the columella and the vermillion border should be less than 1.5 cm. Therefore anyone who has a lip with a longer vertical height is a good candidate for a lip lift if they do not show their upper teeth when they slightly open their mouth and relax their upper lip. A good way to test for that is to say “blah”. This relaxes the upper lip and shows whether or not it is covering the teeth when the mouth is slightly open.”

Dr. Farhad  Rafizadeh meticulously creates this look with a simple office procedure in his Morristown New Jersey office. He believes that the height of the lip is a critical element of the facial aesthetics and it should always be considered when planning rejuevenative and beautifying surgery on patients. To determine if you are a candidate for a lip lift procedure in Morristown New Jersey call our  office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Farhad Rafizadeh.

See below to view some before and after photos of a lip lift procedure done by Dr Farhad Rafizadeh in Morristown New Jersey




Lip-Lift-before-1640247-2188048  Lip-Lift-after-1640247-2188049

Lip-Lift-before-1733635-2232481   Lip-Lift-after-1733635-2232482

Lip-Lift-before-1733667-2232498   Lip-Lift-after-1733667-2232499


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