Kybella Injection Vs The in Office Neck Mini Liposuction.

The in office sub mental liposuction under local anesthesia with a mini cannula, a bit larger than a needle is a powerful procedure with minimal downtime and maximal results. It works particularly well in younger patients with excess sub mental (under chin) fat who have a good skin tone. If you have a double chin which concerns you, don’t wait. A quick procedure can take care of it for good. Contrast this to Kybella injection marketed as a non invasive fat reduction procedure which requires multiple, up to 6 series of injections each done under local anesthesia. This is supposed to destroy the fat but it can also destroy nerves, muscles etc. The results are not immediate and you have to wait months to see the potential results. The cost will be similar to my procedure if not more. I frankly don’t understand why anyone would rather do these series of injections with all the pain swelling, redness and hardness, five or six times with all the potential complications, just because no fat is removed. If the injections are able to destroy the fat, the body is still has to absorb it and eliminate it. Why is that less invasive? I have no idea. All I know is that I would rather go to well qualified plastic surgeon who has my best interest at heart and is capable of giving me the same result with a minimally invasive procedure under the same local anesthetic in one shot with less variables and potential hazards.