According to a recent FDA 7 year study the new Ideal Breast Implant has a 6.3% capsular contraction risk rate and a 1.8% rupture risk rate. These are much better rates as compared to silicone gel implants. This is great information for patients as it provides them with piece of mind knowing they have less worries when it comes to choosing the ideal breast implant.

This new Ideal breast implant is a saline filled breast implant which consists of a series of implant shells. The internal structure controls movement of the saline and is designed to reduce wrinkling, which is thought to be the main cause of implant rupture and deflation. This ideal breast implant contains no silicone gel and offers patients a more natural feel. Other major advantages over silicone implants are that no MRI is needed, and a smaller incision is used to insert the implant creating less scarring for the patient. Also if this ideal breast implant were to rupture the saline is absorbed by the body so there is no worrying about silicone leakage.

For these reasons the ideal breast implant is a safer more ideal choice for patients looking for breast augmentation. Contact Dr Farhad Rafizadeh at our office in Morristown New Jersey to see if you are a candidate for the ideal breast implant.