Facelift Morristown Patient Inquiry Response.

We often get patient inquiry from our website asking for additional information about facelift Performed by Dr.Rafizadeh. The following response is posted to answer these questions.

With the passage of time, our face undergoes a true transformation. As the skin looses it’s elasticity, the tissues migrate downwards creating  jowls and the excess tissue under the chin and neck. Other features also get accentuated like the marionette lines. One also loses soft tissue and in some faces there is a true deflation noticed.
Facelift is the most effective way to eliminate loose skin in the cheeks, the jowls and the neck. It also helps reposition the migrated soft tissues in the appropriate location. We perform the most effective facelift procedure with the fastest recovery. Dr Rafizadeh offers his patients his thirty years plus of experience in facelifting.

Over 95% of our facelifts are done with local anesthesia with moderate sedation and no anesthesiologist. This avoids nausea vomiting after the procedure and helps the recovery. It also saves the patients the cost of an anesthesiologist. The patient however always has the choice of having an anesthesiologist present to give her heavy sedation or to put her to sleep for the procedure. We also recommend using an anesthesiologist every time we are concerned about a health issue, for example high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat. We always have the patients cleared for the surgery by their internist or cardiologist. Your first step is to have a consultation with Dr Rafizadeh to determine what type of facelift you need. After this consultation you have full knowledge of your options including any non surgical procedure. We get patients coming to Dr Rafizadeh from other states or other countries. If you are coming from far, you need to send your pictures from the front, the sides and have a phone consult or a video consult with Dr. Rafizadeh prior to making trip arrangements to Morristown. Our office will help you arrange hotel reservations and coordinate your trip with the in office consultation, your surgery and the follow up appointments.