Our Office in Morristown NJ Has Been Open Since June 1st.

We opened our office in Morristown N.J. officially on June 1st and are happy to see everyone returning for their filler and toxins as well as seeing new patients who were patiently waiting for our office to open. We are continuing to take all the precautions and schedule patients in such a way that no one has to wait in the waiting room. You call us from your car when you arrive and we tell you when to walk in. Upon your arrival, we check your temperature without touching your skin to make sure it is normal. We all wear a mask except when you have your face examined or treated. During the examination of your face, or when treatment is happening, you are asked to remove your mask. All surfaces are sterilized between patient visits. Surgeries are being scheduled in the Morristown Surgery Center next door to us. Prior to any surgery, a COVID test is required and we coordinate that to be done a few days prior to your surgery date. Things are going very smoothly and we are very happy to resume our work. This happens to be a good time for elective cosmetic surgery as many people are working from home and use this time to recover.