When it comes to getting that body beach-ready, tummy tucks can be a game-changer. Also called an abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck can trim away fat and flab, leaving a tight, enviable six-pack. Before you get a tummy tuck, it’s important to understand abdominoplasty recovery, part of which is proper scar care. tummy_tuck_stock_2

The incisions used during a tummy tuck will leave scars. With diligent care, their appearance will become less and less pronounced, fading into the rest of the skin. They may at times look as though they’re getting worse rather than better, but this is normal and temporary. The overall scar healing process can take up to nine months to complete (though abdominoplasty recovery is a fraction of this).

Happily, part of a plastic surgeon’s job is making sure the scars left after surgery are well-placed. Tummy tuck scars can be hidden below the swimsuit line, keeping your beach season in fine form. To find out more about abdominoplasty recovery, speak with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Farhad Rafizadeh. Set up an appointment – contact our office.