• For people over 50, who are considering surgery I recommend a medical check up and clearance, which would include a cardiogram and basic blood work.
  • To avoid bleeding complications, do not take Aspirin, multivitamins, ibuprofen, herbal supplements ten days before surgery. If you are taking aspirin for medical reasons. You should ask your prescribing doctor if you could stop it for about three weeks.
  • Get your prescription before your procedure to avoid a trip to the pharmacy after surgery. You can also arrange for your postoperative visits to the office.
  • If you re a smoker you should stop at least two weeks prior to your surgery. As the nicotine and the carbon monoxide shrink your blood vessels, reduce tissue oxygenation and delay healing.
  • Avoid alcohol two days prior to your surgery.
  • The night before your surgery stop eating and drinking after midnight. No breakfast the day of surgery, however you can take your blood pressure medicine with a sip of water, the morning of surgery.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and avoid makeup and any lotion on your skin.
  • Try to get a good night sleep the night before your surgery. If you are anxious ask us for a pill to relax you.
  • Setup the bed you would use after you surgery. After facial surgery you need your back elevated. After a Facelift you need your back elevated and no pillow under your head so that your neck is not flexed forward. After a tummy tuck you need to elevate your back and your knees. You may need to get a foam wedge and the appropriate pillows for these positions. After a breast surgery sleep on your back, do not use your arms to get in and out of bed and no heavy lifting.
  • The morning of surgery take a shower and wash your body and hair. Do not use any lotion on your skin anywhere on your body. It is better not to have nail polish, hair spray or gel. Wear clean and comfortable clothing with bottoms or zipper.
  • Plan on being at the hospital or surgery center 2 hours before your procedure. You will always see Dr. Rafizadeh before your surgery. He will answer any last minute questions and do the markings.
  • In the preoperative area the nurses will go over all your records and consents. They will start an intravenous line and give you the prophylactic antibiotic to help avoid infection. They will place compression boots on your legs. These boots will help the circulation to avoid clots.



  • After some time in the recovery room you will be taken to the pre-discharge area where you can sit in a lounge chair and have something to eat or drink before your discharge. Make sure someone is there to take you home and stay with you for 24 hours after your surgery. We can arrange for a visiting nurse if you have no one to take care of you.
  • When you get home you should rest in bed but get up and walk every two to three hours.
  • When in bed elevate your back and move your ankle frequently to improve your venous circulation.
  • Try to eat something before taking antibiotics or pain medicine.All narcotic pain medicines can cause nausea and vomiting. This depends on the doze. Try to accept some discomfort to reduce the problem with nausea.
  • Leave your dressings untouched unless instructed otherwise.
  • Never miss a follow up visit.
  • If you have suction drains, make sure you empty the reservoir when half full, record and add per 24 hours. Bring the records to the office. The amount of drainage will determine when they are removed.
  • If you had eyelid surgery apply iced saline compresses to the eyes and keep them on as long as possible the first 24 hours. Apply the eye ointment on the eye stitches three times a day.
  • After breast surgery, minimize arm motion.
  • After abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) raise your back and knees on pillows or a foam wedge.
  • If you have questions you can always call us at any time. Dr. Rafizadeh is most interested in your safe recovery and will answer you personally.


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