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Dysport is a Botulinum Toxin type A. The muscles that cause frowning are stimulated by nerve endings. This happens at the neuromuscular junction where acetylcholine, one of the neurotransmitters, is released. Acetylcholine stimulates the muscle and causes contraction.  Dysport Morristown New Jersey Botulinum toxins block the release of acetylcholine and prevent muscle contraction. This happens only within a half an inch area where the injection is done with Dysport, this action happens in a slightly larger area than with Botox and this can be an advantage of this product, but more skill is needed for its use. Only a specific area of a muscle is relaxed.

This effect has been used for many years to prevent abnormal muscle contractions, like in torticollis. The cosmetic benefit, however, is what has made Botox and Dysport blockbuster drug. Patients always tell me that they are worried about injecting a toxin in the body. My answer is that all drugs and even some foods are toxins. For example, one can die of an overdose of Tylenol, an over-the-counter drug. It’s all a question of dosage. In minimal doses, toxins can be perfectly safe and produce desirable effects. The doses of Botox and Dysport used for cosmetic effects are indeed very safe.

These products are FDA-approved for the frown areas, but they are routinely used off-label to reduce crow’s feet, forehead lines, platysma bands under the chin and other muscles like the ones that depress the corner of the mouth (depressor anguli oris). With knowledge of the anatomy of the facial musculature, one can produce a brow lift by weakening the depressors of the brows and allow the forehead (frontalis) muscle tone to pull the brow up. This effect can be used to shape the brow as well. This is also called chemical brow lift or liquid brow lift.

Recently, the FDA approved the use of Botox to relieve migraine headaches. I was instructed by Dr. Bahman Guyuron, who first discovered this effect. We have been using it ever since with success in patients with migraines. The theory is that the constant frown muscle contractions cause nerve irritation and trigger a migraine.

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Dysport on age 70 woman

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Dysport on age 70 woman