I received a question on my facebook page from a prospective: Do you do filler injection under the eyes?

I would like to answer this question by this post to make everyone aware of the issues in this particular anatomic location and how this should be done safely and effectively with no bruising and little to now discomfort and recovery time.

For years I was doing filler injections to lips, nasolabial folds and cheeks, but not to the area around the eyes because of concern about intravascular injection that could potentially lead to blindness. I was looking for a safe method of doing this procedure. This became a reality when blunt micro-cannulas became commercially available. These are small flexible metal tubes with a blunt tip and a small hole on the side. This allows the canulla to advance in the tissues with virtually no pain. I can say that because I made sure I tried it once on myself.

I stared to give fillers mostly Restylane under the eyes to improve the tear trough about two years ago being an early adopter of this technique because it made perfect sense to me. Then I realized that this technique could be applied to all the facial locations and this made the procedure painless and bruise less. Today I use this technique all the time. The only time I may use a sharp needle is when I want to create a very defied lip line with Restylane or for very fine wrinkles.


The difference between sharp needle and microcannula injection.


Micro-Canulla tip avoid blood vessel penetration.